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Marble Highlights:

Solubility. Resistance. Hardness. Power. Color. Soft. Soft

The hardness of marble stones is 3 to 4, although it’s not hard to say that marbles made of quartz are toughened to calcite marbles. The marble is a relatively dense stone with a special beauty, its beauty not only relates to its color and design, but also its degree Transparency also correlates, and the illuminated Arc depressions add to it beautifully. Marble, like travertine, is the product of the function of the old spa springs, and usually there are layers in the travertine layers. In the process of the operation of hot springs, aragonite occurs if the water temperature drops, and if the temperature drop is sharp, travertine is formed. In Iran, the stone is derived from Aragonite marble. The marble brand is Enix, and it comes in green, lime, amber, white, dark honey and brown. The amount of rock deposits in the country is small.

where to buy marbles | To Choose High Quality

Which country called land of marble?

Which country called land of marble?bulk marbles free shipping

What is the difference between marble and marble and Chinese stone, and what is it, Nix and Travertine? How do they come about? How and in what conditions creates marble aragonite? Read the answers below.

Marble is a limestone from metamorphism, while marble is a sedimentary limestone. Commercially speaking, Chinese stones call white stones like sugar beets that have a very tough, but scientifically, limestone that has been re-crystallized due to increased heat flux from hot or high pressure magma, Chinese or crystalline Refers to.

Marble is one of the metamorphic rocks that occurs when there is a metamorphism along with crystallization of primary rock minerals. These minerals are generally carbonate minerals such as calcium carbonate and magnesium. Marble may consist of magnesite, calcite, dolomite and aragonite. Therefore, marble is not necessarily the same as aragonite. Geologically, marble is referred to as diatomaceous limestone, the Latin term of which is Marble and Onyx, but commercially and in the market called marble and marble, with a combination of limestone or diatomaceous earth Metamorphosed and dolomite. Coarse marble is a crystalline, light gray or white to cream called so-called Chinese stone.

One of the most important carbonate minerals is Aragonite. The orthorhombic system is associated with crystalline needles and polimorph calcite, which means they have the same composition, but their crystalline structure is different. This mineral is not stable in long periods of geology and eventually converts to calcite.

Who made marbles?

Who made marbles?how many marbles per pound

What is a marble?

Marble has high polishability. Other features of this rock include resistance, hardness, solubility, strength, color, texture and porosity. Marble is a limestone. Other highlights of marble should be pointed to the passing of light. Marble has been used for building for several years. This type of stone is especially applicable in decoration, stairs, interior, column and floor. Sculpture is another important application of this stone. Marble has been used in many buildings. Religious and pilgrimage sites are more important, but perhaps the most important building used in marble in the world is the Taj Mahal building in India.

Color variation in marble rocks

The variety of colors in marble is due to the presence of materials such as magnesium, aluminum, iron and so on. But the reason for the red or pink colors in this rock is the presence of iron oxide compounds. The cause of the formation of red or pink marble is the presence of iron oxide compounds. The most important example of pink marble is the Naghade city in West Azarbaijan province.

What are the different types of marbles?

What are the different types of marbles?bulk marbles by the pound

White marble

White marble is a beautiful and pure example of this rock that is very rare. The most important mines of this rock in Iran are in the regions of Qorveh, Kurdistan, Kerman and in the world in Italy. White marble contains 99% calcium carbonate, the main ingredient of which is calcium carbonate. One of the important features of this rock is the high visibility ability, to a degree of elasticity of rituals and the ability to pass light. White marble is used more in interior design and decoration. Among the most widely used items, the lobby walls of the lounges, the lobby area of ​​hotels, sanitary facilities and stone artifacts are mentioned.

Green marble

Green marble is known as one of the most popular and best-known gemstones among all types of marble. Interior design of buildings and use in religious places are among the most important uses of this type of marble. Slabs are one of the most commonly used stones in Iran, and as a rule, green marble is produced in thicknesses of 2 and 3 centimeters. The most prominent feature of this is the passage of light itself. Other features should be high endurance and high density.

Which type of marble is best?

Which type of marble is best?Chinese stone

The Chinese stone is in fact a kind of fine-grained marble rock that consists of white and gray crystals. The crystals of this type of stone are visible to the eye. Chinese stone is generally composed of calcite and a small amount of wollastonite. There are also some quartz types. The higher the amount of quartz, the hardening of the Chinese stone increases. If you hit this kind of rock, it will sound like a Chinese sound. For this reason, they have become popular in Iran called Chinese Stone. The color of the Chinese stone is very limited and is usually available in white. Since ancient times in Iran, the use of this stone has been common in the facade of the building, especially in tropical regions, because its bright color prevents the heat from absorbing.

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