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travertine| Best durable travertine in the world with reasonable price

It is porous limestone, a type of decorative stones. This remains of the mineral deposits of caves or hot springs, or the sedimentation of the floor of the seas and rivers, are seen in relatively large areas. Travertine specific gravity is 2500 kg / m 3


this stone is resistant to weather, rain and snow, and varies in colour. Travertine stones in nature are white, cream, chocolate, red, walnut, yellow, lemon, silver and chocolate. Travertine cannot be defined in the outer spaces of buildings and Both internal spaces can be used.

travertine| Best durable travertine in the world with reasonable price

best travertine quality in the world

best travertine quality in the worldtravertine suppliers:

Stone Travertine Application:

The per capita production of stone in our country has risen in recent years due to increased demand, which in previous years this type of rock

was known as a cheap stone.It was not considered in the internal market to accept the introduction of resin into the market and the replacement of resin

instead of putty and cement to fill the porosity, the use of travertine was welcomed, and its unique beauty with reasonable prices.Has increased sales on

the market.

This rock, which is used for outer space, usually has a 1-inch thickness, but may vary up to 2 inches.The thickest one is for cold environments to prevent

damage to the rock in the freezing and melting cycle.All these different thicknesses are suitable for the walls of the pool.Its specific texture and its lack of lysis are due to its fine holes.

this stone can also be used in interior parts of the building, such as staircases.The reason for this is the high susceptibility of the stone

which can be used in interior parts to make your building like foreign projects.

Each stone is suitable for use in certain conditions and places, and for different applications should be used appropriately.Stone should have high

resistance to heat, moisture, cold and UV rays of the sun.For this purpose, travertine, granite, china and sandstone are technically the best types of

facade rocks, respectively.

what is the use of travertine?

what is the use of travertine?Advantages of Stone Travertine:

1: The surface of  this stone is always cool; therefore, it is the perfect choice for the pool and the yard in hot weather.

2: Traditional abundance of stone.

3: The most common colors are affordable.

4: Its tangled tissue is an obstacle to slipping.

5: Stone can be used dry instead of mortar.

6: luxury texture brings a spectacular view.

7: does not burn.

The stone Traffic Disadvantages:

The lack of uniformity of color and design is one of the disadvantages of travertine and its low resistance to frost.If the travertine is soaked and the ambient temperature reaches the freezing point, this instant stone is crushed, and so it will surely cover them during long-term storage of travertine cups in cold weather.

Another disadvantage of this stone is its relatively high water absorption.This disadvantage is also associated with the introduction of resin into the market and its use during processing and polishing, which reduces the amount of water absorption and the subsequent benefits of stone smearing.

Therefore, the quality of sub and resin used during processing, during the maintenance of the durability and beauty of stone have a significant impact.

Iran travertine mines with special unique stones

Iran travertine mines with special unique stonestravertine mine:

this stone has thermal and acoustic insulation due to its cavities.this stone has an acceptable resistance.This stone can be cut into 2 ripples and without

wave.Of the different types of this stone, white travertine, with more colorful veins and more uniform porosity, is of higher quality.

The reason for the presence of low this stone can be attributed to the presence of iron oxide dispersed pigments in the text of travertine rocks.The

beautiful appearance of this stone is due to the difference in the amount of iron oxide in its various layers.

What is related to the price of stone in the Iranian market of stone is the most important parameter that the more color the stone is closer to

the bright colors, the price of the stone will also be more expensive.

this stone is processed in two forms of slabs and 40 lengths in Iranian factories.Travertine slabs are often used for luxury or special places that are large

or special in size for project managers.Travertine slabs for export are also great.The price of stone will be varied with care as to which size to

buy.this stone 40 longitudinal stone is often used internally.

stones for building tiles

travertine for building tilesTravertine and marble difference:

Natural stone travertine is usually more than marble, but natural marble stone has a higher price for flooring.Of course, the cost varies according to the

quality of the stone.

The marble texture is very smooth and is produced in a glossy finish.This rock tends to have some glittering glow. this stone is apparently porous, and it

looks more natural and has a texture.However, when tightly clamped, the travertine plaque is smooth and suitable for flooring or as bath flooring.

This rock is relatively soft and water absorbent, so it is necessary to use several layers of resin to prevent water penetration into stone.

The colors are typically warm and are white to cream, beige, golden, brown and even red.Although marble is sometimes monochrome, it is often a color with

streaks running through it, such as white with gray or black streaks.Other common colors include black, gray, pink, blue or green.

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