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mining stone| Cost effective mining with best machines

mining stone in geology are referred to as crustal earth, which contains valuable metals and elements. Extraction costs include: concentration of mineral or metal ore, as well as how it occurs on the cost of stone extraction The mine affects.The  floor stone is one of the main interior decoration of the building, and often the first option for use on the floor of the rooms and halls is natural stones that give warmth and sense of nature to the home environment.Stone slabs, travertine, marble and granite are popular floor stone.Mineral stones are used in different parts of the building due to its advantages.For example, the material and internal structure of the stone used in the stairs are very different from the stone used in the building or floor of the building.There are a lot of mines in the world due to the geographic conditions. But all countries are not able to process them and they have to export mines in the first form.Other uses of stones include the use of energy and mental effects of the rocks to create a sense of relaxation and increase concentration.Salt in the rocks causes them to corrode. Among other things that damage the rocks, there is pollution, freezing and temperature changes, rot in metal parts in the rock, and poor operation.Natural stones include the following groups: Basalt group, Flint group, Gabbro group, Granite group, Sand and igneous rock group, Hornfel group, Limestone group, Schist group, Profi group, Quartzite group.

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