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Santa Cecilia Granite |4 Tips in Buying Granite

Santa Cecilia Granite is an outstanding surface material that can be applied in a multitude of commercial and residential applications. with their many attributes, are the ideal solution for: countertops, vanities, tiles, fireplaces, window sills, bar counters and various other coatings.

granite stone vanity top santa cecilia
1. non-porous surface: ensures its high resistance to scratches and stains, heat, corrosion, bacteria
2. super hardness: shore hardness & gt; hs 70
3. low water absorption
4. safety, no radiation, durability
5. free maintenance and care

Each slab of Santa Cecilia has a complexity and a unique coloration; it is therefore difficult to find two identical slabs. The color of this stone will vary according to the depth at which it was cut at the quarry. The slices taken in the top will be more golden and those taken deeper will be cream because the water will have had time to oxidize the stone.
It is mainly composed of deep yellow, coarse-grained crystals that range from elongated to almost zero. Golden hues are the result of millions of years of oxidation. It is also possible to see yellow brown crystals and black biotite crystals in the stone, a reminder of the heat of the sand of this region.

Santa Cecilia Granite |4 Tips in Buying Granite

Which Wholesalers Have All Granite Colors?

Which Wholesalers Have All Granite Colors? – marble & amp; quartz & amp; granite kitchen countertops, kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities,
-large slabs, custom size, tile, stone sink, stone sink & amp; basin, fireplace, mosaic, paver & amp; stairs
-column, sculpture, fountain, landscaping object, etc.
– travertine, sand stone, artificial marble, pavement, etc.
Therefore, if you need stone products from Iran, we will do our best to find them for you too.

As we have specialized for a long time in importing and exporting all kinds of stones, we can provide you with a complete service. we respect your requirements and your decisions. Of course, thanks to our rich experience and professional skills, we will also provide you with appropriate suggestions. to care about and provide what we should provide.

we are price competitive, meanwhile, as a well-known local professional, offering good support from other factories. We export our stone products to many countries every year.

Where to Buy Santa Cecilia Granite At Wholesale Price?

Where to Buy Santa Cecilia Granite At Wholesale Price?We have a rich, experienced and professional team responsible for product packaging, space availability and stacking in a container to ensure that the goods you receive and expect are the same. When packing, we also provided a very detailed protection. The packaging, spatial arrangement and stacking of products are all done by experienced and professional professionals, so you can receive the goods as you wish.

we are the best at granite wholesale.

The Sizes of Santa Cecilia Granite

The Sizes of Santa Cecilia GraniteThe Sizes that are Available in Stone Markets are:

  •  Top 31×22 “x2cm, single square sink
  •  Top 31 “x22 1/4” x2cm, Single Round Sink
  •  37 “x22” x2cm top, single square sink
  •  Top 37 “x22 1/4” x2cm, Single Round Sink
  •  Top 43 “x 22” x2 cm, Single Sink Square
  • 43 ” x 22 1/4″ x2cm Top, Single Round Sink
  • top 49 “x22” x2cm, single square sink
  •  Top 61 “x22” x2cm, double square sink
  • double round washbasin 61 “x22 1/4” x2cm

Thickness: 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm
edge processing: complete bullnose, half bullnose, flattened plate, beveled top, upper radius, creek, Dupont, knoll, right

the quality of all products is under our strict control, so we can guarantee that what we offer you is a superior and qualified product. From the start of production to the inspection of finished products, we always do our best to avoid errors with care.

Where to Use Each Color of Granite?

Where to Use Each Color of Granite?granite is a hard igneous stone, which is formed over millions of years by volcanic activity. it includes various minerals such as feldspar, mica and quartz. Granite is known for its durability, crystal structure and erosion resistance.
Mainly advantages:

  • scratch resistance
  • stain resistance
  • timeless beauty
  • heat resistance
  • non-radiation
  • anti Corruption

welcome to buy the quality products at an affordable price with granite supply. As one of the leading manufacturers and granite supplier in Iran, we also support wholesale service. for more information, contact us now!

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