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marble quarry| 5 Big marble quarry mine in Iran

marble quarry

What is a marble? Where is marble quarries? What is the difference between marble and marble?


Marble stones are commercially available from Enix and from the Greek word marmoros meaning brilliant, marble is a lime that is found in various colors. These rocks contain minerals, and if they are colorful minerals, their basic features are beautiful colors and fine gloss. These rocks are highly polished and are polished to a glossy finish. Has been in the building since the time of old. In particular, they use interior decoration, decoration, stairs, columns and floors. Marble stones are unique in the construction of large buildings and sculptures, and between 15 and 20 years, decorative stones and precious stones did not meet their needs due to the increasing rise of various industries.

marble quarry| 5 Big marble quarry mine in Iran

Best marble quarry mine in Iran

Best marble quarry mine in Iran

How is marble produced?

Limestone minerals are re-crystallized due to excessive heat, and marble crystals are formed, and they are visible in nature as layers of rocks. However, if part of these minerals are not under sufficient pressure and temperature, travertine stone And in the absence of the separation of marble and travertine from each other, the rock formed by Trawhones has none of the physical and physical properties of travertine and marble rocks. The main composition of calcium carbonate marble is white, and the presence of aluminum and magnesium impurities can cause a variety of designs and colors.

Marble is a soft crude stone and is extracted in mines by wire cutting. For the processing of marble, first marble rocks are crushed by special machines into large pieces, and then marble pieces are transferred to the stone mills and cut them there in the desired dimensions. After cutting, they mold the marble with special devices to find a smooth, smooth surface, and thus marble is ready to be used.

marble quarry block and slab wholesale

marble quarry block and slab wholesalemarble wholesaler

Marble Marble Difference

Marble is a metamorphic rock that is produced from the redesign of calcareous stones and crystalline crystalline form, while marble is a calcareous calcareous rock that is completely opaque and does not pass light and has a very compact structure. Compared to Marble has a higher stiffness and resistance to weathering, and therefore, in contrast to marble, marble stone can be used outdoors.


History of marble

Since ancient times, marble has been known as an energy element among various civilizations, used to treat renal and hepatic diseases and stress relief, and even in cases where it is used to treat neuropsychiatric disorders Used marble. Direct sunlight renders clouds and changes the color of the marble, which is why it is used in closed environments. Because of its unique beauty, marble has always been the first choice of artists in the sculpture industry, and has long been widely used in the sculpture industry or in the construction of religious buildings of marble, including the construction of The Taj Mahal pointed out that the beauty of the art of marble architecture can be seen. The remains of the Ancient Greeks and the Egyptian temples made of white marble date back to the use of this type of stone in the construction of the building, as well as great artists such as Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, many of the statues Have registered themselves in a marble-based hospital in history.

raw marble quarry price list in Iran 2019

raw marble quarry price list in Iran 2019marble block

Other types of marble stones are green stones, which are most commonly used in mosques, hoseynyahs and emamzadeh. In the presence of a small amount of dolomi in lime and magnesium in dolomi, it is combined with the action of metamorphosed material and creates marble in green. Marble rocks are resistant to sunlight, hot and cold, and resistant to marble. Marble rocks have been made of limestone metamorphic rocks. The main mineral is calcite. When limestone has long been exposed to high heat and pressure, it is transformed into a marble, where marble and travertine are found in hot springs. Some types of marble stones contain 99% calcium carbonate, and in fact the main ingredient of this type is calcium carbonate. Pure marble is white in color, the best of which is in Italy and ten Rustam Bam and Qorveh of Sanandaj. In general, there are the best marble mines in Iran and Italy, which are excellently colored in Iran.

where to buy marble quarry in Iran?

where to buy marble quarry in Iran?

Iran marble quarry

Color variation in marble rocks is due to the presence of aluminum and magnesium and iron salts, and if there is anhydrous iron oxide in it, it is red or pinkish, like pinkish ore of West Azarbaijan, and if it exists in juicy juice The color is brown or yellow, and if it contains coal and manganese, its color is gray, burgundy or black. Some marbles are streaky, striped and some are spotty or corrugated. Metamorphic deposits are caused either by adjacent metamorphosis or by regional metamorphism. The gems that make up the metamorphic deposits prior to the stage of the transformation stage are not economically significant. Smaller calcareous limestone stones, which are less economically important, result from regional metamorphism and metamorphism due to the metamorphism of the marble deposits of high economic importance.

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