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marble blocks |Raw white marble for sale 2019

marble blocks are sold to constructors. Marble is known from the Greek root of marmoros, the brilliant brand and the commercial brand of Enix. Marble is a limestone type. The surfacing of these stones is very high and they are as elastic as possible. These rocks have different minerals and colors, and their main features include beautiful colors and fine gloss. For decades, it has been used in building. These types of rocks are especially applicable in decoration, stairs, interior, column and floor. Marble rocks are used as unique materials for decorating large buildings and sculptures. In the last 15 to 20 years, due to the increasing growth of various industries, decorative stones and precious stones did not meet their needs.

Today, marble is considered as a famous and popular stone which is used as marble block by many suppliers.

marble blocks|Raw white marble for sale 2019

Iranian unique marble for flooring

Iranian unique marble for flooringMarble is one of the most suitable building materials that can be used as flooring in various building spaces such as kitchens, stairs, corridors, toilets, etc. Because of the great variety and natural beauty of stone, it is also used in the exterior of the building. Some stones are used for high resistance to climate change, moisture and abrasion in the open-air flooring. In general, among the different types of marble, the white marble blocks are used in flooring the places.

10 main marble suppliers in Iran

10 main marble suppliers in IranIranian marble is one of the popular and famous marble stones over the world. By reason of that, there are many Iranian marble suppliers that have extended their commercial activities to present raw marble for sale, which is widely used by many builders and home designers.

There are places in Iran from important marble mines, one of the most prominent of these places is the Kashmar orange marble, the green marble of Abbas Abad Jolfa, the marble of Khorasan Khalaj, green marble Azarshahr, the pink marble, marble of Esfand Kerman, Joshghan Isfahan, Green marble Shahin Dagh, Turan green marble behind Yazd, and Green marble of Yazd and Tangyeyeh (Telangyeyeh) of Sirjan, Ten Rustam Bam and Marble mines of Mahallat and Fars province.

how to identify marble quality?

how to identify marble quality?To identify the quality of marble stones or raw marble blocks, there are usually some steps.

Step 1: Flip the marble tile over and
look at the back. If the back of the tile appears to be covered in a
mesh or net, this marble is more fragile than others.

Step 2: Examine the surface of the marble
under a light, holding it at a 45-degree angle. If there are small,
dull patches on an otherwise polished surface, the marble may have
“fill” in small holes or fissures in its surface.

Step 3: Examine the marble for veins on
its surface and then flip the tile over to see if there is a crack, or
fissure in the same place on the back of the stone. Some stones, such as
Crema Marfil, are very prone to fissures and may be likely to crack if
the fissure is deep enough.

Step 4: Ask for the marble’s complete
name. Thassos AAA, for example is a higher quality of stone than
standard Thassos. Also ask for the marble’s hardness factor.

which kinds of marble is suitable for retaining walls?

which kinds of marble is suitable for retaining walls?Retaining walls are often used to improve landscaping for yards with
slopes and hills and they have also become a popular aesthetic feature
in relatively flat yards as they can be created in almost any

Generally, retaining walls are made from concrete, brick,
timber or natural stone. These materials offer the variety and
durability homeowners needs as well as accommodating almost any budget.

In many cases, marble stones are the best choices to be used for retaining walls. One of the marble types which is suitable for retaining walls is quartz. This type of rock, which is often confused with granite stones, is harder than granite. This rock is characterized by its crystalline appearance. It is used for retaining walls, tunnels and bridges.

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