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granite slabs for sale| Wholesale of granite slabs in different size and color

granite slabs for sale have different Prices. Slabs are said to be relatively large rocks, the dimensions of which are typically slabs larger than 120 * 220 centimeters. For the production of slabs, they should use large-scale raw rocks called copper stones. The cost of commissioning raw rock for the production of slabs is approximately 2 times. The slab thickness is generally more than 2 centimeters. The reason is the high price of stone slabs to longitudinal rocks: the cost of processing slabs more than other rocks, the purchase of raw rocks, the larger ones, which are higher prices than raw rocks.

All stones, such as travertine, marble, marble stone and granite can be produced in slabs.

granite slabs for sale| Wholesale of granite slabs in different size and color

standard granite slab size

standard granite slab sizeSlab stone is very beautiful for displaying a large surface of the stone surface. For this reason, architects have used slabs in their design for decades.
In general, stone slabs are used in lobbies and large halls, and slabs with a thickness of more than 2 cm are used in the production of decorative products.
Slabs are also used in wool production. One of the other uses of slabs is the use of slab stone in lightboxes. Marble slabs due to light transmission have a special beauty. Now, the import and export of stones from different countries are generally slabs, so that in the countries of destination, the slabs of stone will be dimensioned Cut it off.
Cutting of stone by sawing is the most common method in stone mills. Cutting saws are mainly used in factories with high production capacity. In this way, the stone block is cut by a series of parallel saws with diamond blades. Diamond saws have different blades and power, usually 40 to 80 blades. The saws are divided into soft and hard groups.

10 unique and popular granite slabs

10 unique and popular granite slabsgranite slabs container

Slabs of stone are said to be cut by a sawing machine. These machines, which are specially designed for cutting rock wool, are generally from 80 blades side by side and with the same spacing commonly (2 centimeters). Below you can see photos of the saw machine.

Basically, slabs of rocks with a width of over 70 are called slabs. For extruded slabs, they have a width of more than 120 cm and a length of between 2.5 and 3 meters. The maximum size for slabs is 2.5 meters in 3 meters

In order to create a wrist book, it should be installed on the side of the elementary stone, so for the warping of the book, the slabs should be changed side-by-side. The second stone, which is sent to the process of sub and resin work, its final surface is behind the first stone, and so on, in the form of one between the back and the stone, so that at the time of installation can be used to line the rocks and stones next to Lay one another.

which country is biggest supplier in granite market?

which country is biggest supplier in granite market?granite slab size

Stone Granite Slabs

The production of granite slabs has increased dramatically in recent years due to the high resistance of granite. Granite slabs are offered in thicknesses of 2 and 3 centimeters. Due to the high health of stone granite cubes, the size of the stones obtained from these large coupons is large. Granite slabs usually have a width of 140-180 cm and a length of 220 to 300 cm. The production of granite slabs makes it possible to cut and use the slabs to the desired dimensions and dimensions in light of the dimensions of the space to be provided. Granite slabs are usually used in large dimensions for work tables and countertops.

granite slabs for sale are divided into smaller pieces, and due to the high resistance of granite, it can be used in spaces such as parking lots, commercial floors, metro stations and traffic areas such as underpasses. The use of granite stone in interior and exterior facades is possible by scoping. The price of granite stone in slabs is higher than the price of tile granite, due to the higher processing cost and higher price of raw rock (cu) for the production of slabs. The granite slabs are rich in varieties, which allows designers and architects to select the desired color.

granite slab cost and price list

granite slab cost and price listgranite countertops cost

Granite resistance to marble and travertine stones is more than ever, and its glossy and glossy surface is further preserved. Granite is the most commonly known stone used in the construction industry. Granite rocks are used for building facades, pavers, cabinets, stairs and so on. Granite is the best option for building steps. Building steps due to excessive traffic jams and contamination on them, so they should use a stone like granite, which has high resistance and durability.granite slabs for sale are available in all countries

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